Why we love Vintage…

If you’re reading this, then you probably love vintage just like us. Old stuff is just cool – we love it! There’s something about finding that cool, unique item from another time. The way it’s made, the way it looks and feels – you almost can’t believe your luck! But what I love most about vintage is knowing that I am giving a second (or third, fourth, maybe more!) life to something that might have been thrown away or shoved in a corner.

We source our items from all different places and locations. We frequent the local thrift stores, sure, but most of what we find comes from private picks (American Picker style!), local rummage and garage sales, and auctions. We travel in our area frequently to find those really awesome, hard to find things. I LOVE finding a broken necklace in West Virginia, bringing it back to Pittsburgh to fix and shine up, then list it for someone ANYWHERE to find and love. It’s such a cool thing to find these pieces in a side street junk shop, in a town no one has heard of, and then give it a spotlight and a chance to shine!

Vintage things are great because they have history. They’ve been there and seen it, there’s a certain unspoken provenance to older things. Maybe you’ve found a vintage reproduction – and sure it looks great! But in your heart, you know it’s not the same. Vintage items carry their age with them, and more times than not they were made to last so they hold their value well.

There are so many reasons to love vintage, antique, and dusty old things. They bring back memories and show our personal style. They decorate our space to reflect what makes us happy. Buying vintage creates sustainability and reduces waste. Vintage & antique preserves the past in the most honest way – by leaving tangible reminders of the things people actually wore, used, read, watched, etc. I’m sure there are a hundred other reasons to love vintage – what are yours?

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